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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Trees. Gustav Klimt, and a few of my own!

I  have always loved work by the artist Gustav Klimt.

He is best known for his people paintings, especially "The Kiss", which everybody knows.

I have always preferred his landscapes, for which he is less well known. I love the layers of texture which each painting has. I love the subtle changes in colour, and the way he produces pattern from nature.

Some of the simplest paintings of forests and woodland are stunning. They are not much more than vertical lines of tree trunks against a background of foliage and fallen leaves.

Here are some of my favourite Klimt treescapes!

I have always enjoyed painting trees. My style is not the same as Gustav Klimt's, although I may do one similar to his one day.

Here are a few of my own tree paintings, done over several years.

 The red earth of the Australian outback.

 Westonbirt arboreteum.

 A tree I liked in BarbadosI did a blog post on this. View it here

 A view I saw every morning on my way to work.

A patchwork design!

I did this one so long ago, I can't remember what it is based on!!

Playing with shape and colour!

Autumn wood. Painted many years ago!

A few of these paintings are for sale at my website on Mini Gallery  just incase you want to buy one!!! 

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