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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Floral painting. Hellebores.

I have just completed another of my detailed floral paintings.  This is based on some beautiful Hellebores I saw when I went to RHS Wisley last month.  Here are 2 photos of the flowers that inspired me. I love these due to their unusual colours. Not many flowers have green in them.

I shall show you a few stages of the painting. The first photo is where I have blocked in all the colours before adding any detail.

Then I decided to add a swirly background , so put in the basic shapes.

In the final painting  I have removed leaves and added extra stems to improve the composition. I only had 3 leaves on it, and decided they drew attention away from the outlines of the flowers, and made it too cluttered.  I have softened up the background swirls colours a bit too.

Here are the designs as greetings cards. These sell at craft fairs and a few shops, garden centres and florists.  You can also buy them as prints  from my Etsy shop by clicking here    or as greetings cards from my Etsy shop by clicking here

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  1. Beautiful! And helpful!

  2. Such a lovely painting. Really interesting art style. I wish I could paint like this. I also like your other paintings.

  3. wow really like this painting