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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Some more paintings of zebras.

Following on from my previous post, I have done some additional zebra paintings. So I thought I would show them to you!

Here are two zebras on a hot orangey red background. The background is really just a pattern, but a lot of people have said it looks like long grass.  That's a fair comment, but was not what I actually intended.  The zebras are fairly traditionally coloured, unlike some of my painted zebras!!  Although  reds, oranges and pinks appear as small dots on the shaded areas, of the zebras, to link it all together.

As I said, not all my zebras ate traditional colours. These two young ones have been painted in bright yellow and pink. Why not? !!  The background is a style I use in so much of my work.... Lots of overlaid dots.

I sometimes rework my ideas, with different colours or with just some elements of a previous painting.   This one is taken from the previous painting. I decided to separate the zebras and make a feature of just the pink one. I have brightened him ( her? ) up a bit, and put on a stronger background for contrast.

If you missed my previous post,  here is the painting I featured. ( I showed this one step by step how it was painted).

Here is another version of it, below. It is in reverse. I traced off the outline, to save time drawing it all out again..hence the reverse!! 

This one is more colourful with totally non realistic zebras.  
It is sometimes interesting to rework your paintings, to see them in a different way.

I haven't posted on this blog for awhile. I have been concentrating on my floral work. This all goes on my other blog rozartz contemporary floral paintings. There is a link to this on the sidebar.  However, I am now doing more work that is not floral, so there will be more featured on this blog.

I am now selling my work through Artfinder. I joined a couple of months ago, so it is all a bit new. Some of these zebra paintings have recently been put on there.

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