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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Painting a contemporary impressionist landscape. Step by step.

Here is a a step by step guide to how I have painted this contemporary impressionist landscape.

Firstly I chose a square canvas and painted some paynes grey across the bottom. I then and added some waves of paint across the top half.  I am using acrylic paint.

  Next I  filled in the gaps with some deep blue.

My next stage was to increase the swirling waves of paint at the top, with some pale pink and blue. This is to be the sky.

I then start to add some dots of paint. I use the same pale pinks and blues over the darker colours. I also add in some white.  It is important to keep the dots fairly even, so they look like circles not jut random blobs!  You need to find a good brush for this.  Also the circles sit next to each other, rather than overlap.

The following stage is just to increase the amount of dots. This does take time as you need to let one layer dry before you put on the next. It is just too easy to smudge them otherwise.  I have started to put a few trees on the horizon. I use a thin  size 2 brush for this.

I then go on to put more trees across the horizon. I vary the size of them, and allow for some to be clumped together and some more separate. I have started to think about the foreground now. I have also added wave shaped stripes. The colours are blues and greens. I have added a hedge across the fields too.

I then thought about the light coming through the trees and added more white to the top layer of the land. I added a gate to give some interest to the hedgerow.  I have worked in to the foreground using dots and small blobs of paint. I have allowed for overlaps here to give a different look to the sky.  I have added a few flowers in the foreground.

I continue with fine tuning the painting. I have removed a few of the trees on the right hand side, as I liked the look of the light coming through.  I have added a shadow area below the hedge.  I have started to add a bit of detail to the flowers at the front and work the background around them.

The final painting. I have changed my mind about the flowers, so have painted them out and reworked the bottom of the painting.

This painting is for sale on Artfinder.     Have a look by clicking here

 I have also got a similar one on the Artfinder site. The one below is a mounted original ( not a canvas)  that you would need to buy a 16 x 20 inch frame for it. It is painted in the same way, but just has more yellows in it, and a slightly different composition as it is rectangular. It also has dots to represent wildflowers in the foreground. 
  Have a look by clicking here


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